1 februari 2013

INSPIRATION ______ magnetic tape

Like most of us my computer is always flooded with images, and instead of frame my pictures I tape them on the wall and build photo collages with them. I like the freedom to create new expressions on the walls that way.
And now I have also started to make my own photo magnets of my pictures by using magnetic tape, I have made already more magnets that I need :)

Magnetic tape :from local craft shop
Get the shit done calender for free from Love Aesthetics

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  3. beautiful... got me some ideas for my pinart ...precious memories :)

  4. i nice pic ... i like this blog !!!

  5. I love that! I do it with postcards and other pictures since I don't have a printer at home (soon, soon.)

    Lovely Monday!

  6. love the free idea
    of changing images
    and also i love the concrete wall and calendar

  7. i love that ! very nice ... i like this pic !!!

    1. Yes, a nice pic, agree with you !!!

  8. Att det finns sådan tejp visste jag inte. Smart!!!

  9. What are the magnetic tape photos mounted on? Is that a sheet of metal leaning against the wall?

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